Mike is a member of Summers Martial Arts in Bellefonte.  His testimonial is about our adults class program.  I hope you find it useful and inspiring.  Here’s Mike:

Testimonial by Mike Repasky

Karate has become an integral part of my life without even trying.  When I started at 43 years of age, I was talked into it because I didn’t think I could “keep up” with the young, able-bodied students who were there…  I found that it really didn’t matter.  The classes were as easy as I wanted them to be and there was no pressure for me to “push myself” and make it grueling.  The support I received from these same students was incredible and an interesting thing happened over a few months:  I got into great shape!

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The years since then have been a journey that never ends and I love every step.   Other than the obvious physical benefits, there were some unexpected results as well.  The most important and impacting of these results was the self-confidence I gained.  This confidence didn’t stem from any thought that I could now handle myself like Chuck Norris, it was more internal.  It was the knowledge that I was doing something for myself and my body that was good and healthy.  The confidence improved my social life and earned me respect among my friends, made me new friends and I started getting attention from the opposite sex which was completely unexpected.

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There was also a spiritual attitude change that has a calming effect in general that is carried with me.  The general issues of life simply don’t stress me out as much anymore.  This newfound calm that I’ve found makes it easier to see situations more clearly and I can make better decisions in light of it.

I would recommend Tang Soo Do to anyone regardless of their age or physical status.  The pace of the class is as easy as you need it to be and the benefits come without much effort.


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Did you enjoy hearing from Mike?   His testimonial comes from his black belt candidate essay.  If you want what Mike has.  Sign up now for more information.  Our beginner adults class is forming.

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